Kinkless Fact Sheet

Kinkless Fact Sheet – The Best Way to Protect Your Jewelry


Your precious jewelry should always be something that maintains its same pristine condition as it did the day you received it. Whether you bought your jewelry from a store or it was a gift handed down to you, there is one easy way to keep your jewels in the best condition possible.

Kinkless is the Full Package: Consciously keeping your jewelry clean can be difficult, but with Kinkless all of the work is done for you. Kinkless is made out of special material, which is designed to store and clean your jewelry in one convenient package. Similar products do part of the job. You may find jewelry packaging that keeps your jewelry from tarnishing, but it still gets tangled. You may find a great item to store your jewelry, but it doesn’t protect it from being damaged. Kinkless is made to do it all, and when you use Kinkless you have the insurance policy of a lifetime.

Preserve Items that Hold Unforgettable Memories: A piece of jewelry has far more value than a dollar amount. A family heirloom may be small, but it holds years of love and care within it. There’s a reason why whenever you look at your necklace you smile and think back to a happy time. It’s important to protect what’s precious to you, especially items that can’t be replaced. More than any other jewelry packaging system out there, Kinkless keeps what’s precious to you safe and secure.

There’s a Reason Why Everyone is Going Kinkless: Kinkless has proven itself time and again as being the go to item in jewelry preservation and packaging. When you go Kinkless, you are using a product made by people who understand how important it is to keep those precious jewels of yours intact. No tangling, no tarnish, and an easy and convenient way to package and store your precious metals. Don’t just take our word for it. See how Kinkless compares to the competition.